1942 born in Silesia

1945-61 growing up in Berlin

1961-66 formation as interpreter in Rome

since 1967 working as interpreter and translator for Italian, English, French

1976-81 studies in painting at the UdK, Berlin

1992-99 studies in painting, art history, computer arts, sculpturing in Berkeley and Palo Alto, California

since 1995 regular studies in Mexico and Spain

several participations at the Marburger Sommerakademie in free painting and „Digital World“


lives and works in Berlin and Ibiza



Prof. Christine Aebi-Ochsner -  Biel, Switzerland
Tina Dönhardt und Hans Buchholz - Ibiza, Spain
Petra und Martin Heidötting - Herdecke, Germany
Silke und David Henkel-Wallace - Palo Alto, California
Dr. Jessin Kuruvilla - Milan, Italy
Gabriele Sobotta und Prof. Wolfgang Merker - Berlin, Germany
Brigitte und Virgilio Mini - Rome, Italy
Dusa und Milan Nesic - Berlin, Germany